3 ways to use Instagram for your business

3 ways to use Instagram for your business

A growing community

Instagram is probably the social network of the year and, after a long wait, will soon be possible to advertise on its huge network. In fact, the fancy social has recently reached over 300 million users. Furthermore the community is one of the most engaged and most of them are “heavy users”. The average Instagram user spend 257 minutes a month on the app but I am sure there are people spending that amount of time on the social daily!


So, are you ready, or better, is your company ready to integrate Instagram in its social media strategy? If you find it too “glamorous” for your company you’d better rethink about it.

Here’s how you could use Instagram for your business in a professional way.

1. Show your company human side

Instagram is used by big brands to show what happens during working time inside the office or retail spaces. As a corporate branding tool, Instagram will show the human side of your business. People love to see what happens behind the scene and see faces and humans besides logos and graphics.

What could these #antlerists be looking at? #catvideos #foodporn You decide

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2. Showcase your products and services in a funny or unusual way

Instagram is not Facebook (actually it is after its acquisition in 2012 for $1 billion). It brings social to a more personal level, and so should be your strategy. Sharing your products and services is fine but don’t forget to do it in a creative way, An example? Shoot amazing and funny pictures showing your product in an unusual places or situations. Or showcase your services/products applied in the real life with an original picture, not the one you buy from a stock images website!

3. Focus on the corporate values

What is your company purpose and branding? What are you looking to create with your product/service? Think about it and invite your customers to appreciate and follow that lifestyle. Do you have a clothing company? Show how your clothes are making your customers’ life better or picture your clients in happy situations where they wear your clothes on. Not by chance Nike is the most followed brand on Instagram


For here or to go? #justdoit

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So, are you considering these tips for your brand strategy?


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