3 reasons why you should pay a theme for your WordPress blog

why pay a theme for wordpress blog

The blogosphere is surrounded by millions of new website and blog that every day are producing new content.

Just to give a number: There are about 153 million of blogs worldwide and 172,800 blogs are added to the internet every day. If you look at these numbers you are may be wondering why we are even writing considering the incredible amount of posts we are competing with everyday.

That’s massive! And moreover behind every blog, as some of you know, there is a lot of work. Create and make a blog live is just the easiest step.

But, even if it’s very simple to do, you must be very careful to choose two things when you create your blog:

1. The hosting: As you know the server is crucial for your site performance, data security and speed loading pages. As you know speed is one of the ranking factor for Google but also for your readers. In fact, 47% of people expect a web page to load in two seconds or less.

2. The theme: Then, there’s the theme. There are hundreds of themes out there, free and paid. While there are very good free themes out there is always suggested to invest a minimum budget to purchase a theme. The reasons? Here’s why based on my experience:

1. It’s always updated and guaranteed

Sometimes a free theme may have been created years ago and it may t not be compatible with the latest version of your WordPress. I don’t want to say that free themes are dumps. But if you pay for something you have the security to pay for the quality of a good developer. In general you get more power, more customization, more options, and more specialized features with premium themes. Moreover, some features are not included and guaranteed, as the responsive design, sliders, e-commerce integration, styling options, and custom widgets,

2. The Code is clean and SEO friendly

Sometimes , with free themes, developers don’t put the best of their effort to create nice and clean codes leaving your site open to security vulnerabilities. Also, free themes are often developed by amateur or people with poor skills. Another important thing to consider is the SEO optimization. Most of free themes are not SEO friendly and this is another important thing to help your site load faster and perform well in search rankings. Last but not least, in many free themes are footer spammy links which you can’t edit since the them is free.

3. You get support

This is the most important blog to me. When I started this blog I didn’t have any experience on WordPress. Start with a free theme means you need to find solutions to bugs on the internet. Sometimes you need to spend a lot of time inside a community looking for a solution. For my blog, since I don’t have any coding experience at all, support it’s really helpful!

This blog theme is powered by Iceable Themes and I believe he’s one of the best when it comes to help and assistance. I often ask the developer if it’s possible to edit or adjust my theme with custom CSS or PHP code and he always replies me in a few hours.

The theme editor is also easy to use and intuitive. There is also a community where you can check if other users had your same issues or open a new topic if you want. The themes styles are very clean and simple, versatile for different purposes. You can also start with a free theme and then upgrade to a paid one if it matches your needs and expectations. Price for a Premium is just $30 dollar.

I also have tried other themes for other blogs but the experience I had with Iceable is the best! It is not a sponsored post but just a sincere recommendation. So, If you are thinking about changing your theme or create a new blog, you can have a look at his themes clicking on the button below

See Iceable Themes

To wrap up the content of this post: Should you buy a theme or use a free one?

In general, if you are starting a new blog or website, you don’t really need to pay for a theme. As I said before there are a dozen of high quality free WordPress options out there. But, if you are investing time and effort to grow your blog or project online, why don’t invest a little money that may avoid any inconvenience in the future?

Also, a paid theme is more unique and professional than a free one that is used by thousand of other bloggers.

Would it be nice if you have just bought a new red car and you stumble upon, a few days later, to a guy with exactly your same car? I believe it wouldn’t! 🙂