I finally got my hands on a OnePlus One


Do you already know OnePlus One? Well, Piccas, TheWebMate contributor, will introduce you this new smartphone and his experience with it. Enjoy!

Couldn’t be more happy!

Yes, this is the way I want to start describing my experience so far with the new OnePlus One, and I couldn’t be more happy even when I had to reboot my phone cause of screen glitches which were kind of annoying but were resolved through appropriate patch.

Let me start by saying that it all started with an invite received some months after having made a profile on the site. I still remember I was waiting in line at the dock and since the invite stated that it was only valid for 24 hours after receipt of the same. I was very much fought between keeping my Nexus 5 (it being only a year and something old) and purchasing this new device, and the timing played an important factor cause if I had the time to actually wait till Christmas I would have waited until then. (bought the phone in September, writing the review now in November)

The device

Having chosen the 64 bit version I still am surprised at the built quality and the feel of its retro cover, kind of like heavy-duty sand paper rubber which no other phone opted to have, so it gives also a sense of exclusivity, both when you admire it alone, both when you show it to your friend and the first thing they ask (if they are into big phones, because the screen is big) they ask you in which shop you have bought it, and what brand it is. So for the non internet geeky guys it will be hard to explain each and every time how the system works, and I do hope the guys at OnePlus manage in some way to copy the system of the Google play store, with a number of cellphones available so you know indicative how much time you have before they run out.

But the feeling in the hands and in the pocket is just perfect, since I bought one, I left my tablet to rest in the dust, and I haven’t yet recharged it. With 300 euros you get top specs which I suggest you go check on the site in case you don’t already know. the camera app and its sensor are top-notch too, and they are customized, (as the whole phone is, including its operating system) on the cyanogen Mod. which adds a bunch of new features to the stock android experience, it’s customized apps, and a constant update program which is on par if not even superior to the one done by Google for its nexus devices. the coolest thing of it all is that you even get, when you make a cyanogen profile at http://www.cyanogenmod.org/ the “where’s my phone” locating services which is currently stock with each apple device. and registration to the site is “easy peasy”, even from the device, as soon as you start.

My Advice

So at the end I really have no major complains about the OnePlus One phone, if can be bought even by people who are not that tech savvy in respect to custom roms and rooting, Android tweaking, offers everything for half the price you’d normally get for a phablet this size.
The downsize it’s the availability (but tomorrow nov. 17 there will be a full day to buy one) and there have been some reports of stolen devices from the DHL courier which might render the whole buying process a bit risky.
So conclusively it’s a great phone, for a great price, with great updates and extra features, made by a great new Hong Kong company. I can’t wait for the guys providing the OS to issue the Android L update, which it is said will be arriving in the first months of 2015, although there are unofficial available to download and install. My hint is to go for it and try it out! [easyazon_link asin=”B00L3CTJVU” locale=”US” new_window=”default” nofollow=”default” tag=”the0d7d4-20″ add_to_cart=”default” cloaking=”default” localization=”default” popups=”default”]You can also buy it on Amazon[/easyazon_link]