Your Facebook account? Use it to get free wifi

Most of the time isn’t easy to connect on a wifi network in a bar, club, restaurant or hotel. You need to ask boring password, wait, insert codes and retry. Moreover, often, isn’t for free and you still have to pay for a service that in 2013 should be available for everybody. What if you can use wifi for free just connecting with your Facebook or Google account? The startup wiMAN did that. To use a wifi network you just need to login with Facebook and you’re done! Connection it’s very easy and business owner can easily share wifi for free with their customers.

facebook free wifi

 How does it work? Well wiMAN gives you a router that you can easily connect to your existing wifi creating a separate public and safe network. Once the router is plugged in, you just have to register it through the dashboard and that’s it.

facebook free wifi

After that it’s possible to create customized splash pages and specific landing page where you can drive your clients. Cool? There’s more…

facebook free wifi facebook free wifi

When clients are using your free wifi you can have insights and analytics about your network and you will have more options to engage with them.

facebook free wifi

This Facebook free wifi tool guarantee a double win, both for business owners and customers and it gives a powerful Facebook marketing tool to engage with returning and new clients. In fact, you can invite your customers to like your Facebook Fan page and share they are enjoying your free wifi network as a status on their personal page once they login.

facebook free wifi

WiMAN‘s guys have seal a partnership with Uber to have free wifi in the black cars. Yes, because wiMAN has developed new 4G routers that give the chance to bring free wifi everywhere. Can you imagine to use wifi even on a ship, in a bus or in a big event where isn’t possible to connect a landline? Well now you can.

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