robot amazon 1 million

1 million dollar for a real robot on Amazon Japan

Last week a strange news invaded the web. On Amazon Japan it’s now possible to buy a

WhatsApp is available on desktop

WhatsApp on desktop: A new tool for enterprises?

WhatsApp, the famous messaging app acquired by Facebook in 2014, has just released its web version.


Wearable pubblicità

[ITA] Wearable: quando la pubblicità bussa sulla nostra pelle.

“In 400 ft turn left”

Con una leggera vibrazione sul polso, Google mi avvisa che a breve dovrò girare a…

3 ways to use Instagram for your business

3 ways to use Instagram for your business

A growing community

Instagram is probably the social network of the year and,…

phablets tablets

Phablets are the new tablets

Is a 5.5″ display too big?

After a long market research, poll and questions to friends and experts I…

Want to create a new app? keep these 5 priorities in mind

Want to create a new app? keep in mind these 5 priorities

The App Store and Play Store are flooded by…

what a startup needs to focus on

What a startup really needs to focus on?

Ok. I want to hit the point immediately. What a startup really needs to…

Happy 2015 from TheWebMate

A fabulous and great 2015 from TheWebMate!

2014 has been a great year for tech. Innovation and technology are discovering every week a…

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