let your Facebook friends know you are ok 2

Are you ok? Let your Facebook friends know

Facebook wants us safe, yes. But also, even more connected.

Today Facebook has announced a new function which allows us to report we…

eBooks will surpass printed books

Will eBooks surpass printed books?

When you commute or travel using subways and public transportation you can see a lot of people reading. Well, are…

tech industry prefers white people

Tech industry prefers men and white people

There are many industries and each one has its own habits and internal policies, sometimes not written. Tech industry seems preferring white people among…

What do we use smartwatches for?

What do we use smartwatches for?

Since wearables are out there new functionalities are wrapping new devices. Last week we had new models from Motorola, Sony, Samsung, LG…

smatphones addiction

Are you a smartphone addicted? Find it out

Smartphones are everywhere. It’s calculated that we are going to reach 1.75 billion smartphones on earth by the end of 2014 and in many countries people own even two or three mobile phones each.

It’ undeniable that smartphones have…

Twitter sunday

Sunday is the best day for Twitter engagement

Many Social Media Managers are focusing mainly on a working week engagement. Depending on B2B or B2C the most appreciate days and hours are, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

B2B posts are engaged most during the working time and B2C mainly,…

anti-Facebook social network

Ello: the anti-Facebook social network

Are you tired to be treated as a product, something to sell to advertisers and to be spied every second of your life? Than leave Facebook!


How to double your Pinterest engagement

Pinterest is one of the most popular social network with over 70 million members

For many it’s not consider useful and relevant for a website…