How to use WhatsApp for your blog and your marketing strategy

How to use WhatsApp for your blog and marketing strategy

WhatsApp, acquired by Facebook in 2014 for $19…

the age of technopreneur

The age of technopreneurs and influencers

Entrepreneurs tech oriented

The term “technopreneur” or “techpreneur” means an entrepreneur involved in the technology industry. Easy and simple but the world behind…


Innovate and fail: learn from Google

No matter how big you are. If you innovate, be prepared to fail

Yesterday I got an email from Google HelpOuts:


startuppers work everywhere

Startuppers work everywhere

Technology is changing how we work and disruptive ideas change our habits, save us time and let us being “free”


netflix in cuba

Netflix is now available in Cuba: A nice marketing move

Today Netflix has announced its service is available in Cuba. Now the famous streaming tv will be viewed in…

iPhone 6 Plus battery

A month with an iPhone 6 Plus. Big phone, big battery

After a month of researches, feedbacks and video reviews, I opted for the “Big Big” iPhone 6 Plus. And I was right

This is not a review. The web is pretty…

How to add products and services on your LinkedIn page

How to add products and services on your LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn has over 332 million users worldwide and it’s the biggest professional network.

netflix changed my life

5 ways Netflix changed my habits (and might change yours)

When I first discovered Netflix I barely could believe it.

I was in New York and, as…