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google consegna droni

Google sfida Amazon e sperimenta la consegna con i droni

Pochi mesi fa fu il gigante dell’ecommerce Amazon a sorprendere il web con il video di Amazon Prime…

iphone NFC mobile payments

The new iPhone 6 will have NFC for mobile payments

It was expected even for the iPhone 5s but, this time, Apple will include the long awaited NFC to allow users pay directly with their iPhone.

new Samsung gear s

New Samsung Gear S: a game changer?

“Samsung is leading this exciting and rapidly developing wearable category through progressive innovation,” JK Shin, CEO and head of IT & mobile communication at…

new G Watch R with a round design

LG reveals the new G Watch R with a round design

After the first squared G Watch, LG unveils a brand new design for the G Watch R.

The smart move, just anticipated…


Meet the new Ralph Lauren high tech polo

Even the famous american brand is getting into the wearable technology in the most effective way of the term. Many devices are popping up in this last period and mainly are…

ice bucket challange phenomenon

The Ice Bucket Challenge phenomenon. The numbers and how it started

It’s clogging our Facebook’s news feed every day. Million of families, friends and VIPs are challenging other people to do the same.

It’s the Ice Bucket Challenge phenomenon,…

instagram ads brands

Instagram ads will soon catch global brands attention

Do you still think Instagram is just the land of superstars, wannabe, and selfie lovers?

No more. According to a Shareablee research, Instagram is catching more and more a global…

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