numbers mobile messaging users

Instant messaging: There’s something big going on

In a smartphone dominated world, instant messaging is becoming the major communication tool

If we think about instant messaging what kind of mobile apps jump you in mind?

Probably the first one…

Digital trends 2015

5 Key digital trends for 2015 you need to know

2014 is coming to the end and new forecasts for the next year are popping up.

So what digital…

Great Social media after Facebook 2

Is there any hope for a new great Social after Facebook?

In a Facebook dominated social media scenario, is there any other chance for a new giant?

Facebook is widely dominating the social media scene today and it’s the number one for…

Think in english if you want to grow online

Why you should think in English if you want to grow online

When you have to read a post in english, what it your first thought?

“No problem, I can handle it.” or…

all credit cards in one

A card that can replace all your credit cards

NFC and mobile payments are cool. You can pay directly with your smartphone without even puling…

are social networks a big pain?

Are social networks a big pain?

Today we are overwhelmed by notifications, apps and social networks plays a massive role in this…


I finally got my hands on a OnePlus One

Do you already know OnePlus One? Well, Piccas, TheWebMate contributor, will introduce you this new smartphone and his experience with it….

tools to grow your business online

6 tools to grow your business online: Newsletter and more

In a social media dominated world is email marketing still so important? 1. Social…

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